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Our community is in need of volunteers in several areas. If you'd like to volunteer some of your time, contact us here. Some of our volunteering opportunities are, but not limited to:

Quran Studies

Our community has a pressing need for Quran instructors for the Islamic Sunday school. We have a large number of kids attending our Sunday school program and we need your help to improve the current teacher to student ratio. Please join us in serving our youth if your well versed in Arabic and the teachings of Quran.

Event Planning

Our mosque holds a number of events throughout the year to celebrate special occasions. We would like your help in the following areas:
  •       Event setup and coordination
  •       Food preparation
  •       Food catering

Mosque Cleaning and Maintenance

We are looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance and cleaning up of the new masjid.

Fill up this form if you wish to volunteer for Islamic society of placer county.





Islamic Society of Placer County (ISPC)

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