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About Us
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful! It is with great honor and privilege that we welcome you to the ISPC web site. Our hope is that you will find it informative and helpful in fulfilling your religious, social, educational and welfare needs (InshaAllah).

Please feel free to bring to our attention any errors that you may find on this site. InshaAllah, we will try to research and correct them to the best of our abilities. We pray that Allah (SWT) guides us ALL to the right path and have His mercy on us all the time and forgive us for our transgressions. (Ameen)
ISPC Mission
Our mission is to establish an Islamic center/Organization that:
  • Acts, stands true and delivers to all Religious, social, welfare, Charity, Islamic educational and scholarly needs of the Muslim community of the Placer county and its immediate vicinities
  • Practices and Promotes practicing of principles of moderation, tolerance, inclusiveness and conflict avoidance within the structural limits of the Quran and Sunnah, in order to create unity only among all Muslims but with people of other Faiths too.
  • Believes and promotes the true message of Islam of Peace and Harmony among all.
  • To Establish, arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals for all Muslims in and around Placer county.
  • To establish an Islamic educational program for the greater Muslim community of Placer county
  • To present and serve the interests of the Muslim community of the Placer County and its immediate vicinities
  • To present Islam according to the teachings of Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah and to promote friendly relations and understanding between all.
  • To carry out religious, social, welfare, Charity and scholarly activities in the best traditions of Islam.
  • Help the integration of new Muslims families into the community.
  • The Establishment of an Islamic Center/ Mosque to carry out the above activities with the guiding Principles of:
    • The Teaching of the Al Quran and Al Sunnah.
    • The Principles of Moderation, Tolerance, Inclusiveness, and conflict avoidance with in the framework of what is allowed and what is not allowed in Islam.
    • The Application of Municipal, city, State, and Federal laws.
    • Conformance to good Citizenship standards
    • Use of English as the Common language of communication
ISPC/ Roseville Mosque High Lights
  • Juma Prayers started in Early 2004
  • Started with 3 or 4 people
  • The complex was a Sikh Temple at that time and we used their lunchroom for prayers. It was part of the complex but not the temple itself
  • Established ISPC, a non profit organization, in early 2005
  • Established the Roseville Mosque at the Gathering Inn Complex after it was bought off by “ The gathering Inn” organization.
  • ISPC rented the current room from them and established the Roseville Mosque
  • It was established to facilitate Juma and daily prayers for the people
  • Since then, we have not missed a single Juma Prayers.
  • 2006/2007, people started to use it for Isha prayers and then Fajr Prayers.
  • Currently, 2008, the Mosque is being used for all 5 times prayers.
  • 2006, We established the first Taraweeh at the Mosque. Imam Meraj led the prayers for the first 13 days, then he left for Umrah and we continued the Tarawih for the rest of the Ramadan
  • 2007, The Trawih was led by a Hafiz and our first Quran was Finished during Ramadan
  • 2007, Established Eid ul Fitr as well as Eid ul Adha Salat, upon community’s request and with great success. The Mosque was completely filled and Breakfast was provided after the Khutba.
  • 2006/2007 EID was celebration were held in parks, on a later weekends, with great success and community participation. It was attended by Roseville city mayor and city council personnel.
  • 2008, the Mosque has started to fill to its capacity for Juma prayers. Successfully completed another Quran during Trawih in Ramadan.
  • 2008, successful and to the capacity community Iftars were established on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
  • 2009, AlhamdoLiLLah, we have moved to a bigger place (in the same Gathering Inn complex) for our Masjid to be able to support larger Juma and Eid Congregations.
  • 2010, InshaAllah, ISPC will own its own Center, rather than a leased place.
  • In 2003, with the growing Muslim population in Placer county and its vicinities, as well as with the Industrial growth in Roseville, Rocklin, a need for establishment of an Islamic center and a Mosque was realized. The efforts went underway. A room at the, then Sikh Temple was rented and the Juma prayers were started. By the end of 2004, The temple was bought & taken over by the Gathering Inn organization.
  • The congregation has grown steadily since then.
  • In February of 2005, ISPC was registered with the state of California as a Non-Profit Religious, social, welfare and Charity corporation/organization.
  • Later on, a tax exempt status was applied for and granted.
The Present
  • The organization has grown and the Muslims of the greater Placer county has started benefiting from the facility and the services provided by ISPC under its chartered activities.
  • Since that time, the organization has grown and has been slowly getting in more and more of our chartered activities.
  • Below is the summary of the currently established and planned services and activities
    • Friday congregational prayers are on going with ever increasing numbers.
    • Sunday school has been established for free Quran reading literacy class.
    • Eid Salat and festivities have become regular yearly activities.
    • Established close relationships with organizations of Christian Faiths to support them in their welfare and charitable activities.
    • Driving towards establishing a portal for an organized need based charity program for the needy and the food program for the hungry.
  • The organization is also moving forward to find a good location for land and or building for its Islamic Religious and Cultural center, which will include a Prayer Hall, a gathering hall, a Cafeteria with kitchen, a research library, Class rooms, separate social rooms for men and women and Children for informal gathering. Etc. Etc.
The Future -- Looking Forward (InshaAllah)
InshaAllah, Mid 2010 will introduce a free:
  • Basic introduction to the science of Hadith Class” for Adults and kids
  • Followed by a basic class of “Understanding Quran” to introduce basic meaning of Quran to children.
Plans for Mosque expansion
  • AlhamdoLiLLah, in 2009 we have moved to a bigger place (in the same Gathering Inn complex) for our Masjid to be able to support larger Juma and Eid Salats Congregations.
  • At this place we are also able to have small level of Muslim community socials during Ramadan and other religious occasions
  • We have also started looking for a place to own for our Islamic Center. In anticipation for this place, we are looking to collect about $400K.
  • Efforts are underway to collect this amount to buy such a place on cash basis for this expansion, Allah willing.
  • The future expansions to includes Congregation room, a hall, kitchen and a cafeteria, where the community can come together to socialize and learn, free of cost.
  • We plan to work with local libraries or a library to add a section on Islamic studies that would include Islamic books for references





Islamic Society of Placer County (ISPC)

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