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The Islamic Society of Placer County (ISPC) is pleased to offer a wide range of services to its community. These services include:


Daily prayers are offered in congregation at the Roseville mosque.

Sunday School

Free Quran reading classes are offered at our mosque. Kids of all ages are welcome to join and learn how to read Quran. Please click here for more details on the school.


Several activities are organized during the blessed month of Ramadan. The mosque offers daily taraweeh prayers. Iftar is available for the community on Friday,Saturday and Sundays. Ramadan activities are subject to change, so please pay attention to the website as Ramadan approaches.

Zakat Al-Fitr

Zakat Al-Fitr is collected at this mosque. The proper amount for Zakat Al-Fitr will be updated in the last ten days of Ramadan. A Zakat Al-Fitr box will be available in the mosque during this time.

Eid Prayer

Eid prayers (both Eids) are held at the Roseville mosque. Snacks and refreshments are offered after the Eid Khutba.





Islamic Society of Placer County (ISPC)

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