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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful! It is with great honor and privilege that we welcome you to the ISPC web site. Our hope is that you will find it informative and helpful in fulfilling your religious, social, educational and welfare needs (InshaAllah).

Please feel free to bring to our attention any errors that you may find on this site. InshaAllah, we will try to research and correct them to the best of our abilities. We pray that Allah (SWT) guides us ALL to the right path and have His mercy on us all the time and forgive us for our transgressions. (Ameen)

 ISPC Eid ul Adha Announcment

Insha Allah, The Islamic Society of Placer County (ISPC) Will Celebrate Eid ul Adha On Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

Salat-ul-Eid ul Adha will be held At Roseville Masjid Located at: 616 Church street, Roseville, CA 95678 On Tuesday, August 21, 2018 At 8:45 AM Sharp Followed by Eid Khutba.

Takberaat will start at 8:15 AM. Breakfast/Snacks will follow the Eid Khutba in the Dining hall located in the same complex.

Entrance to the Mosque Will be from Cedar Street side gate.

For more information please Check ISPC website @ OR contact Roseville Mosque: 916-234-0480 Mohi Alvi @ (916) 521-3133

Ample parking is available on the ISPC owned Lot across the Masjid complex on Cedar St., as well as public parking on both sides of Church Street.

EID Flyer

 ISPC Statement Regarding the Recent Terrorist Attacks

ISPC strongly and vociferously condemns all acts of violence and loss of innocent lives in the US and abroad; by a so called group of Islamist who claim to be Muslims but are actually far removed from the true Islamic belief. These were heinous criminal acts and have nothing to do with Islam. We the Muslim community of ISPC strongly reject all violence. We reject inhuman, horrendous and hateful acts against humanity. Furthermore, we reject these people and sects who are claiming to commit such acts. Acts which take innocent lives, and cause untold sorrow, all in the name of Islam. Islam preaches peace and love for others and rejects all acts of violence against any human being; whether a small poke or a heinous criminal act like the one in Paris. We feel a deep sorrow for those who have lost their lives; we extend our condolences to their loved ones; and we are praying for the recovery of those who have been injured. People of America, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, Belgium, Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and any other affected place in the world we stand with you. We stand in solidarity with ALL people in this world who reject violence.


By Allah's Mercy and help, the new mosque is located at

616 Church Street,
Roseville, CA95678 Google Map

By the Grace of Allah, the Almighty, All prayers have been established at this  location. For Friday (Juma) prayer please enter the mosque gate at the Cedar street. For other prayers you can enter from the door at 616 Church Street. Please contact the phone number given below to get the code to open the lock of the door in case no one is there. There is parking lot of parking available near the mosque for Friday and other prayers.

For Location Map click here.
We are still asking for donations to complete the construction work at this location. May Allah reward you for your actions and intentions.

Please contact Mohi Alvi at (916) 521-3133 / (916) 234-0480 for more details.

Or Donate directly thru Pay Pal via the donation button below.


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Prayer Times (Iqamah)


5:30 AM


1:30 PM


6:15 PM


Sunset + 5 min


9:30 PM

Juma Salat

1:30 PM

Local Roseville


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